Managed Document Review

Strategy is everything.

The challenge: A legal process or a compliance audit: in no time at all, your company is faced with sifting through a huge pile of papers, receipts, records and emails, and identifying all of the documents that are relevant for the case in hand. Nor is that all: the documents also have to be anonymized, since they will be passed to the authorities or shipped to a different country. This is a project that needs speed, precision and – above all – competence. Your timetable has precious little room for errors or delays.

A challenging project – for which reThinkLegal is your partner of choice. We’ve been handling managed document reviews since 2005 and we know what needs to be done. Each of our project managers is a qualified legal expert. Other qualifications include our well-trained eye for business processes, profound IT knowledge, and a wide-ranging network of law practices and IT service providers specialized in just this kind of work. 

Negotiating corporate structures, multilingual environments and complex technical landscapes is all in a day’s work for our project teams – with data protection and compliance an integral part of the package.

reThinkLegal performs an end-to-end review of your data repositories. Management and Legal can look forward to receiving a carefully collated and perfectly prepared set of materials. Put another way: we blaze a clear and navigable trail through the document jungle.

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