Legal Project Management

The right person in the right context.

How will you be budgeting resources for fact-finding and iterative replanning?

It is very important to lay the foundations for large projects already in the launch phase so that unavoidable surprises will not endanger its success as the project progresses.

Legal project management is a job for professionals. Lead project managers not only need to 

  • contribute extensive project experience, legal training and IT skills,
  • they also need to speak and understand the language of all stakeholders – whether lawyers, management, business departments and IT experts.
  • Lastly, they must keep all groups in the project team on a common course while responding promptly and proactively to new situations. 

Identifying solutions, being proactive and documenting progress while also steering a cohesive team through the project – the job description for legal project management in a nutshell.

The project managers at reThinkLegal are qualified legal experts who can offer strong business skills and a wealth of IT know-how. They have learned their trade from an extensive series of successful projects featuring a wide variety of individual challenges. 

reThinkLegal is one of the few truly specialized providers of legal project management in Germany. It’s been the secret of our core team’s success since 2005.

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