Legal Forensics

Reconnaissance and research in the digital workplace

Has evidence of breaches of duty or infringements come to light in your company? If so, you need reliable answers as soon as possible:

  • Who is responsible and who is involved?
  • What has happened?
  • How long has it been going on?

There are very few established service providers for digital legal forensics in Germany – reThinkLegal is one of them. 

Today, professional misconduct almost always leaves traces in the digital office environment. Yet whether it is circumstantial or firm evidence, this data must be found and secured in a legally-admissible form. Professional digital forensics in a corporate environment requires IT competencies, legal expertise, knowledge of corporate processes and clear, confident project management.

The reThinkLegal forensic teams have extensive experience in fact-finding missions in a legal and technical context. We decode the seemingly unremarkable patterns in business figures and read between the lines in company communications. We know how to put the pieces together, secure the evidence and identify the persons responsible. We offer you a full legal forensics package from a single source.

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