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Is your company facing the challenge of extracting key items of information from huge repositories of data? reThinkLegal is your professional partner for e-discovery work. We tick all the boxes for the efficient completion of your project: 

  • Experienced project teams, which open the door to your corporate data – without creating data leaks
  • In-house legal experts highly familiar with international process law and all of the leading e-discovery platforms
  • Specialists who provide end-to-end ESI (electronically stored information) support during the e-discovery lifecycle – from identification to collection, and from processing and review to production
  • A network of specialized legal practices and IT service providers 
  • Technical infrastructure for assuring maximum data security

We provide the results you need quickly, reliably, securely and in full compliance with the law. Although e-discovery services is a highly specialized market, reThinkLegal has a decade and more of experience. 

We know exactly how to bring an e-discovery project to a successful conclusion – we’ve been doing so since 2005.

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