Compliance Services

Peace of mind with perspective.

Compliance management always implies risk management – since a compliance violation is an ongoing risk. Even – and especially if – it remains undetected.

reThinkLegal works to avert risks by scrutinizing ambiguous situations in depth and providing turnkey courses for compliance training.

Our project teams quickly and efficiently locate documents that prove or disprove compliance violations – even in very large and generally unstructured repositories of multilingual materials. Just as reliably, we can also tell you whether compliance training is producing changes in conduct among staff. This gives you a clear picture of possible tensions.

reThinkLegal can take responsibility for the entire review project, including all organizational and technical requirements up to completion – quickly, effectively, discreetly and reliably. If references are needed, we can point to the long series of successful compliance projects we have completed to date. 

The training courses we offer also help you embed compliance into your day-to-day corporate practice – so as to make it part and parcel of your corporate workflows and internal processes. It’s only here that compliance is truly effective.

Risk mitigation – à la carte.

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