Regulatory Monitoring

Horizon scanning as a digital satnav for your compliance work.

In many fields of business, an awareness of international laws and legal changes is essential. In some sectors, the relevant legal obligations go beyond mere observation and require the actual documentation of this monitoring process.

One example is MaRisk and its requirements for banks. Product development work can also be accelerated if design teams are familiar with the varying legal provisions in each of the company’s markets. 

Horizon scanning lets you transform your regulatory monitoring into a strategic advantage. A database built using artificial intelligence is used to handle the querying and documentation of domestic, EU and international laws and regulations – including upcoming amendments.

Giving your staff the space they need to ensure your company also stays on course in terms of its legal obligations. Alongside sophisticated filter and search functionality, horizon scanning also provides widgets and collaborative/comment features for combining relevant regulations with company-internal knowledge, communicating changes and drawing up task specifications for compliance.

Horizon scanning is modular and can be tailored precisely to your individual needs. The system combines artificial intelligence research with many years of project experience in the fields of compliance and legal document management. The end result is a tool that integrates innovative functionality with real-world fitness for purpose.

Horizon scanning: intelligent regulatory monitoring.

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