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reThinkLegal specializes in legal and technical projects at the points of overlap between litigation, compliance, risk mitigation and corporate information management. One of our fields of expertise is isolating relevant, mission-critical items of information from very large data repositories: reliably, precisely and according to your exact requirements. 

But our work isn’t restricted to the discovery and provisioning of information. As a think tank, we take a systematic approach to problem-solving. We look for the underlying problems behind the appearance of isolated issues. The goal is to ensure the efficiency of your workflows.

Our credentials are drawn from legal expertise and IT competencies on the one hand, combined with an eye for the complexities of operational business and an international perspective. Our success is based on experience gained in a series of projects perfectly brought to completion.

Complex business processes and international interrelationships, ongoing procedures, knotty regulatory problems, mission-critical information – plus time pressure, data protection obligations, a demanding IT landscape and solution strategies that need working out from scratch: this is where we are in our element and where we deliver our solutions. Since 2005.

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Stefan Beßling

Managing Partner


Dr. Clas-Steffen-Feuchtinger

Partner, Executive Director

General Counsel


Jan Mario Welle

Partner, Executive Director



Anna-Katharina Horn

Head of Legal Services & E-Discovery


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